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How do you make your Last Mile as efficient as possible?

Say goodbye to manual entries,
Use Logistics.ONE for the following sectors, among others.

Distribution of large consumer goods

Sample customer: Vlot Logistics

The distribution of large consumer goods such as furniture, beds and washing machines is a real specialty, often called two-man handling. In addition to transport, assembly is also carried out. The deliverers are the customer's business card, while the work is done in the private environment of the end customer. It is important that work is carried out as agreed with the client and to the satisfaction of the consumer, stimulating your Return On Experience.

High Tech Logistics

Sample customer: Rollema

High Tech Logistics is a dynamic market in which logistics service providers handle a wide range of activities for companies active in markets such as Printing Industry & IT, Office & Imaging, Healthcare & Consumer Electronics, Vending Machines, ATMs, Gaming Machines, Telecommunications, Fitness, Refrigeration Systems and Access Systems.

Service Logistics

Sample customer: SLS

Logistics services for service companies, with storage and distribution of spare parts, is a real specialization. To keep stock costs down, the "Just in Time" principle is often used, so that the right spares, in the right quantity, are delivered to the right place at the right time/date. This requires flexibility, of systems but also of people.

Transport including Value Added Services

Sample customer: Rhenus Home Delivery

The ability to provide services immediately following a delivery (or collection) requires a little more from a driver. Examples are the delivery and installation of a television, exchanging a broken mobile phone, replacing an ink cartridge in a photo machine, installing medical equipment for home care or exchanging a coffee machine.

Other submarkets

Sample customer: NE Distriservice

It is crucial for any company active in transport that drivers have access to the correct information, such as process steps, forms and agreements made. Equally important is that your central systems, planners and customer service always have access to up-to-date statuses and complete information, including all deviations, problems and, for example, photographs taken.


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